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Flying From Gatwick – Stay at the Airport the Night Before

Gatwick is considered the capital’s second airport after Heathrow, but unlike its illustrious sister, it has only one runway making it the busiest single runway airport in the world. The airport handles a very large proportion of passengers every year and offers a wide range of on-site parking spaces. What’s more, over 80 airlines operate from Gatwick and during the summer months many charter airlines use the airport to fly holidaymakers to Europe and farther flung destinations.

Although billed as a London airport, Gatwick is situated in rural Sussex, almost 30 miles from the centre of London. On paper, its location is ideal for anyone using the airport situated just off the M23, which in turn is just off the M25 – London’s orbital motorway.

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So, in theory from whatever part of the UK travellers descend upon Gatwick, by using the M25 they can by-pass London and quickly arrive at their destination. However, in reality traffic delays – especially during rush hour – can cause a few problems and reliance upon the M25 running smoothly to get to Gatwick on time can at times prove a risky strategy for many passengers.

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