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Top Tourist Attractions In Belgium For You

Despite its small size, Belgium has numerous tourist attraction sites. Most people who visit this country will always have to spend a day or two in Brussels, which is the capital centre. Therefore, all efforts have been made to make visits to Belgium’s financial hub as memorable as they can be. For the people who wish to travel to Brussels from London, it is always advisable for them to get their cheap Eurostar tickets in advance.

There is the London to Brussels train service, which is very efficient and reliable. Operated by the Eurostar high-speed train service, cheap Eurostar tickets are always on offer. This is what makes it one of the most popular means of transport for travelers from Britain. Once in Belgium, tourists can never have a dull moment. They can spend quality time visiting the numerous tourist attraction sites around the country. There are various heritage sites, not forgetting the ancient Belgian buildings whose designs baffle architects even today.

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The medieval city of Bruges is one of the most popular tourist sites in Belgium. From here, one can find one of the oldest antiques of the ancient world. There is another site, which comes as complete package for tourists: the Lion of Waterloo. From here, visitors can have inhibited views of the plains. Other tourist attraction sites in this country include Leuven and Ghent. Any well-seasoned tourist knows very well that visiting attraction sites is complemented well by a good choice of exciting drinks and food. In Belgium, this comes in form of the Chocolates.

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