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More to a Backpacking Trip Than a Walk In the Woods

Backpacking is a great activity that gets people out into the world to explore. You’ll be enjoying fresh air and Mother Nature while getting some exercise that feels more like fun than a workout. Planning getaways outdoors can be exciting too, and its trips are something the whole family can get into. Here are some ideas for enjoying this fantastic activity to its fullest:

Start small if you have kids. Ultra light trips that only involve a small fanny pack or waist backpack to hold some snacks is the best idea. Children tire easily and won’t enjoy a whole-day expedition or a full-blown hiking vacation.

If you’re planning to take a backpacking camping vacation, make sure your kids are old enough to enjoy walking long distances. As well, choose lightweight backpacking equipment for your kids or carry the load yourself. They can hang on to the water bottle or emergency pack and they’ll feel important to have the responsibility.

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If you don’t have children or if your kids are old enough to enjoy long hikes or backpacking tours, there are plenty of vacations you can take on a shoestring budget. Backpacking is a cheap sport and you won’t have to worry about bus trips or navigating unfamiliar cities or landscape with your car. You can take a backpacking camping vacation and sleep in tents or under tarps and save the cost of lodging or accommodations.

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