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Artcoustic Loudspeakers – No Gimmick

A few years ago, I watched an episode of my favourite TV show, Grand Designs. The show follows individuals as they fulfil their dream of building, renovating, or converting their dream home. In this particular episode, the refurbishment of a North London Victorian terrace, I wasn’t particularly impressed with the results, but one item of “furniture” which made it into the finished article did catch my eye, and I quickly set about finding out more about this stylish and ground-breaking product.

The product was the Artcoustic Loudspeaker; a revolutionary, high-quality speaker that seamlessly blends into any home. Now you may doubt these words. After all, every home is different, and everyone has their own individual sense of style and taste. To compound this, the surrounding environment, furniture etc. bring yet another element just itching to clash with your audio-visual system. Not so!

Artcoustic have developed a loudspeaker with a sound quality amongst the finest HiFi loudspeakers. By housing each plasma speaker in a cabinet the depth of the average canvas, each wall-mountable with the least effort, and by offering a full range of artistic and interchangeable covers, the finished article resembles a work of art. Each Artcoustic loudspeaker can therefore be hung in any interior with no fear of appearing misplaced, whilst retaining the technical quality to satisfy the most ardent audiophile. The applications for these speakers are endless. By combining many smaller speakers, full surround sound capability can be supported, without the unsightly speaker stands and wires. By incorporating a larger subwoofer, you can really bring life to those action movies you love so much! Literally anywhere you would put artwork can now be fair game for the Artcoustic speaker.

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Many chic hotels have incorporated these speakers into their rooms, bars and restaurants … the ultimate endorsement. Cinemas have mounted them behind their screens to make the most of their space-saving capability. But in my opinion, it is in the home that the Artcoustic truly makes a difference. It will change the way you feel about audio visual systems. To label them as “speakers that look like pictures” would be doing them a massive disservice. Able to compete with many of the space-hoarding, often higher-priced speakers which adorn the pages of “What HiFi?”, and yet one of the few products to truly blend into its environment, this is a true revelation in itself.

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