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How to Earn Extra Money Online: The Two Main Strategies

Not everyone goes online to try to make enough so that they can retire. Regardless of what people may tell you, not everybody wants to take the time and effort to set up their own online business. But in times of financial hardship, a bit of online income is very helpful if you want to supplement your regular salary by earning some extra money online.

So, if we want to learn how to earn extra money online, as opposed to a lot of money, we also have to find strategies to minimize the investment in time. Something we can do in one or two hours a day at the most would be perfect, wouldn’t it? Well, there’s a way. Two ways, actually. The first takes a little bit of investment and almost no time. The second takes a little bit of time and almost no investment.

Let’s start with option one, the one that takes a bit of investment and almost no time. What you’re aiming to do here is buy a bunch of web domains. Domains that are too long or that don’t target a specific niche are no good, what you’re looking for are words like best or cheap accompanied by nouns such as insurance, car or telephone. The possibilities are endless. Once you have a good group of these, set them up with any old stock image and a whole lot of links through AdSense (plus whatever deals you can set up with outside companies) and wait for the referral money to come in. You can even afford to link some sites that are useful to your niche but don’t pay you. Why? This way Google will rank your site as more useful and will rank you better.

Remember not to link gambling sites or casinos, as Google doesn’t look upon them too favourably. You are looking to rank acceptably, and getting penalized isn’t the best way to do it.

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Now for option two, with less investment and a bit more time (but as I said, not more than a couple of hours a day). Set up a few blogs, again focusing on a certain niche, and try to update them every day with news and trivia from that niche in particular. Linking certain news items with a short commentary will be fine. As you see the amount of visitors increase, you will also see revenue increase from the AdSense program you’ve set up, which will automatically focus on that subject without you having to do anything extra. WordPress or Blogger provide free hosting for your blog and enable you to set up AdSense programs.

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