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Jewelry Use by Employees

Many companies have dress codes, which include jewelry. Some companies do this because they do not wish to offend customers who are of various faiths by employees who wear necklaces with religious symbols. Others out of practicality as some jewelry can get caught in machinery and cause severe injury or even death. You may wish to have a jewelry policy to prevent loss of your customer base and/or prevent employees from dying, which could inadvertently drive up your commercial insurance costs.

On a lesser and more serious note we have found in the auto detailing business that jewelry can be very damaging and we strongly suggest to our employees; “Please don’t wear loose jewelry because it tends to scratch cars very badly.”

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Women should avoid bracelets unless they fit snug to the wrist in some professions. Industries such as driving a truck, auto maintenance, pilots, machinists or meat cutters at the super market or deli can be quite problematic for jewelry wearers.

One thing you can do to prevent loss of customers who have strong religious beliefs, which are different from a particular employee is to tell the employees; “If you have a cross or star and are proud to wear it, that’s ok, but the chain should be under twenty inches long so it doesn’t get in the way and it is best if you wear it inside your clothing not outside while at work.”