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Unique and Intriguing Venues to Host Your Event

When organizing an event, the choice of venue is a make or break scenario. Choose wisely and you can be sure everything else will fall into place. But choose an unsuitable venue and you run the risk of failing to make the impression you initially hoped. What people often forget is the wide range of unique venues available, all guaranteed to make an impact. How would you like to host your event in a historic castle, on a battleship, or 400ft in the air? With the wide variety of venues available for hire, organizing a conference, meeting, party or social gathering no longer has to involve booking a boring hotel function room.

Tourist Attractions – Tourist hotspots are prime locations for events. Many of the most impressive and unique venues are those aimed at tourists, and if you’re planning an event, a top tourist attraction is a sure-fire winner. For instance, take the London Eye attraction, the largest Ferris wheel in Europe. You may not have realized but parties, social gatherings and other events can be arranged on the wheel and great food and drink can be prepared. A professional venue finder will be able to assist you in locating a suitable venue with that added “wow!” factor.

Historic Castles – Few settings are as impressive or inspiring as a historic castle. Many castles are now open to members of the public, and some even provide dedicated rooms for conferences, meetings and other events. If you want to impress your delegates and ensure a memorable occasion for all involved, contact your venue finder agency to help source one of these unique venues.

Museums and Galleries – A large number of museums and art galleries exist that cater for events. Imagine your delegates having dinner amongst the backdrop of fine art – what an impression that would make! Many museums can also cater for events and offer a unique and exciting setting for a dinner party, conference or other event.

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Country Homes and Manor Houses – Host your event in a lavish country home and you can’t help but make a lasting impression on your guests. From large mansions to quiet country cottages, these types of venues may be just what you’re looking for. Many country houses are popular with event organizers since they are often located near golf courses, country walking trails and outstanding scenery.

As you can see, venues are as varied as the types of people who visit them. When organizing your own event, consider the services of a professional venue finder. They have outstanding knowledge of unique venues and can source the perfect location to suit your requirements. If impressing your delegates is crucial to your event’s success, a unique venue may be just what you’ve been looking for.

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