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Taking a Trip to Buckie

Buckie is found along the coast of Scotland. More specifically the Moray Firth which is a section of the North Sea that forms a triangular inlet. The town is more or less linear as it follows the coastline. There are two sections to the town a lower and upper area.

The main industries centered around shipbuilding and fishing as this was a thriving port in its day. However these two industries are not as prominent and food processing has become important. There are several large fish factories and smoke houses. This is one of the main spots for the Shellfish industry in Scotland. The Buckie Shipyard is still in use as it repairs lifeboats and also does a lot of boat building. You can buy fish at the local fish market each morning.

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Buckie has many different religious groups which is quite surprising due to its size. Many of these churches are or note due to their architecture. One of the most impressive churches in town is the Roman Catholic Church which has two spires. The north church also has a spectacular crown steeple.

This town is a great spot for birdwatchers as the mouth of the Gollachy Burn has plenty of wader sand seabirds. You can view many different birds along the Winding Walk and Queen Street is also an excellent spot to see smaller varieties of birds. This is also one of two spots in the UK where you can see bottle nosed dolphins. Most of the time you can spot a dolphin on a sunny day as they like to play in the bay.

Findlater castle is located atop the cliff and the ruins are from the 15th century. Admission to the castle is free and it is open all your long. Corgarff castle was constructed in 1571 and has a tumultuous history. The castle was burned, a Jacobian uprising was defeated, and the government used it as barracks in 1748.

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