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And You Thought London Was Expensive?

It’s no secret that London can be an expensive place to live or visit. From hotel accommodations to transportation and dining, a few days in London can be quite a drain on your wallet if you don’t shop around. However, the cost of living in London has nothing on how expensive it is to just get by in some corners of the world. In cities such as Moscow and Tokyo, a simple hotel room can easily cost as much as 225 pounds per night.


If you had told the people of Moscow a couple of decades ago that they would soon be living in the most expensive city in the world, they would have told you that you were crazy. However, thanks to the economic boom the city is currently experiencing, the cost of living in Moscow has surged so quickly that most middle class citizens find it increasingly difficult to make ends meet. Home to the largest population of billionaires in the world, the real estate prices in Moscow have inflated to the point that the cost of a flat in the more prestigious parts of the city cost approximately 25,000 pounds per square meter. However, the cost of living in Moscow is heavily dependent on the high exchange rate of the ruble, and analysts predict that Moscow may become a more affordable place to live and travel in the years to come.

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According to Mercer’s study on the Worldwide Cost of Living, Tokyo is easily the most expensive city on the planet. For example, a cup of coffee and a newspaper costs around eight pounds, and the price of admission to an evening movie can often be 13 pounds or more. Despite the uncertain economic future of Japan, the cost of living remains exorbitantly high throughout the country. Unlike Moscow and other expensive cities like Geneva and Copenhagen, Tokyo is expected to remain one of the world’s most expensive cities regardless of temporary fluctuation in exchange rates.

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