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Nottingham Hen Weekends

The location where Robin Hood and Maid Marrion became kindred spirits is now the place where hen parties go to drink spirits. The English treasure is a favorite for all age hen parties. The city is eloquently English but also possesses a certain mystical ambiance that surprises many groups when visiting this underrated city.

With outstanding music comes an equally impressive night life that never disappoints. Hen parties are often surprised by the extreme energy that bolts through the city center and with more bars and clubs per square mile than any other European city its no wonder the hens are out in force.

Heavenly spas are another reason the hen parties gravitate towards Nottingham. The atmosphere of the day is a pleasing contrast from the vivacious nights out in the town. Many welcome a relaxing walk through the quieter streets in the day after a fully action packed evening.

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The restaurants and hotels are as luxurious as one would expect with the cuisine enticing many ‘foodies’ to the city. This evolving city is becoming one of the most beloved hen destinations in the UK and although many look past Nottingham for the brighter lights of London, Brighton, Bristol or Newcastle, it is a place to seriously think about when organizing a hen weekend away.

Nottingham is an open location, which means activities are certainly worth trying out. Whether you enjoy white water rafting or a medieval banquet Nottingham has all the activity one could wish for. Water sports are a favorite and many hen parties also rave about the clay pigeon shooting on offer.

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