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Discovering Scotland

Scotland is home to plaid-skirt wearing Highlanders, that delightful mind boggling accent and magnificent landscapes that can literally take your breath away. However, Scotland is far from being a boring place. It is in fact one of the most beautiful places to visit with people that are loyal, kind and warm, provided you can understand what they are saying.

Scotland is the extremes in the weather spectrum as well as in its topography. Its winter months can be quite daunting and the winds that blow from the North will freeze your bones. The best time to visit is May to September when the summer sun helps to alleviate the cold. However, it can be crowded during these times so book your flight and hotel reservations months in advance. Scotland has hundreds of things to offer and you can be assured that your visit will be worth it.

Arriving in Scotland

There are many cities with international airports in Scotland. You can get direct flights or connecting ones to Edinburgh, Dundee, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Kirkwall or Inverness. If you are already in Europe, there are also discount fares that you can get to these cities. The cheapest way, however, is to take buses to Scotland. You also have the option of riding the train from London to Edinburgh or Glasgow as well as take a road trip with friends and family.

Getting Cultural

Every country or city offers cultural sights that can help you better understand the nation and its people. Glasgow has a rich history that is often bloody. It has strong ties with the English and has fought in wars against them and with them. The Museum of Edinburgh offers a glimpse into the country’s long history. It covers everything from prehistoric information to present-day artifacts such as the National Covenant of 1638. It is located in the old Huntly House which was originally built in 1570.

Scotland has also Catholic and Protestant religious ties. The Glasgow Cathedral is one of the best examples of pre-Reformation church. Thoroughly Gothic in its design, it remains one of the buildings to survive the Reformation. Its beautiful eaves and ceiling makes it one for a breathtaking visit. You can enter the building through the nave or the central open space and see the wooden ceiling that dates back to the 14th century. There is a lower church that you can descend to by a staircase as well as the tomb of Saint Mungo which attracts thousands of pilgrims every year.

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If you take a bus from Inverness to the Highlands of Scotland, you can view the famous Loch Ness Lake. If the Loch Ness monster appears to you, then you’re very lucky. But this fresh body of water is one of the biggest in the UK. Apart from its sheer beauty, people come here for the sole purpose of seeing the beloved creature.

Festivals Galore!

Scotland is also rich in varied festivals that can run all throughout the year. The Edinburgh Festival is an important art festival held in February. There is also the Edinburgh International Film Festival, the Book Festival and Hogmanay, Scotland’s celebration of New Year. And if you want the riotous fun of rugby, you can head directly to in Kirkwall in the Orkney Islands.

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