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Manchester Airport Hotels

You have several options if you require an overnight stay at one of the Manchester airport hotels. Two that are within 5 minutes walking distance from the airports 1 and 3 terminals are Bewleys hotel and The Crown Plaza.

Regardless of the day of the week, a room at The Bewley will cost you 79 ($160). Regarded as a 3 star, I would class it a 3.5 thanks to the newly fitted wireless system that is included in the price of your room.

The rooms are nice enough and if you are looking for manchester airport hotels than chances are you just need somewhere to get your head down while you await your connecting flight and you will find Bewleys hotel ideally suited for just that purpose.

There is a bar and dining area with food reasonably priced. An ATM is in the reception area which I found great for just getting the amount of GBP I required whilst waiting for my connection. The Bewley also offered me a wake up call and a shuttle service to my terminal if I did not fancy the 5 minute walk at 4am.

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A few of the Manchester airport hotels cater for the business traveler and one of these is situated right next door to the Bewley hotel. The Crown Plaza cost me 135 ($270) for the night and is classed a 4 star. For your money you get a buffet style breakfast thrown in but everything else goes on the credit card. Room service was available but prices were on the expensive side. Movies and other entertainment such as PlayStation games were available but went straight onto your credit card.

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