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Aachen Short Breaks

Aachen is also known by its French name Aix-la-Chapelle. Aachen is officially certified as a “Spy city”. Geographically Aachen, In Germany It is a district in the west north Rhinewestphalia and westernmost city in Germany. In Charlemagne, it was favored residence and the place of coronation of the kings of Germany. Currently Aachen is ranked 8th among cities of Germany for innovations.


By merging the previous districts (Landkreise) of Aachen and Monschau, and some parts of the districts of Düren, Jülich and Schleiden the former district Aachen was created in 1997. Then on 21st oct.2009the Städteregion Aachen (literally: “cities region” Aachen) was formed from the former district Aachen and the city of Aachen. It covers a part of the Eifal Mountains in south. it is a medium-size city which reaches on the height during 9th century.

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Art and Culture is an integral part of Aachen’s life, as its richly varied cultural scene sees it. Unusual Art of Aachen making people to visit Aachen since 1960s and 70s. The collections focus on American pop art,photo, realism and hyperrealism, the German “Neue Wilde” as well as Russian, Cuban and Chinese art.

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