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Entrepreneurship Defined

What is an entrepreneur? The word can encompass many things. Originally, the word entrepreneur has a french language origin, as the french word “entreprise” translates as “business” or “undertaking”, which is a more literal translation. From this point of view, one could state that an entrepreneur is a business initiator and that entrepreneurship is about the qualities business initiators are able to consistently demonstrate.

In the sense that we are looking at today, it has relevance to a certain profile, or a person who has business in his blood. Usually, an entrepreneur epitomizes a number of values. He will be at the core of many initiatives which other people will generally avoid.

Many of our modern daily comforts have come to be because individuals took the initiative to create and market them. If it was not for Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, computers might still be in their infancy stages of development and if it was not for Henry Ford, cars would not be as cheap or as ubiquitous as they are today.

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An entrepreneur is a person who is driven by a goal, a desire to create or materialize an object or a service in order to make it available to the general population, and secure his own material wealth in the process. For this, he is willing to go to great lengths and spare neither time or effort. In most cases, entrepreneurs have a very specific detailed idea about that which they want to accomplish.

This allows them to focus and easily concentrate their effort on piecing together the puzzle of their plan. Entrepreneurs are ambitious and are not afraid to think big. They are willing to take calculated risks in orders of magnitude that would frighten most away. They are willing to “bet the farm” if need be.

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