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My Choice of London Hotels

Here is our guide to my favourite three London hotels. These aren’t based on the best service, the cheapest or most luxurious but a list on the best hotels to stay at for the experience. There is a mix of luxury, budget, futuristic and cheerful hotels.

London is certainly an expensive place to go to with London hotel prices being no exception. However you can still enjoy luxury on a budget with this first choice.

1. The Hoxton

The target market for this hotel is business travellers who want affordable luxury rooms for the night as well as those on holiday who want a comfortable hotel room close to the city centre. Situated in London’s Square Mile gives those on their holidays close to the big attractions such as the Tower of London.

When you make it to the room you will find a stylish designed room complete with beautiful bed linen and flat-screen TVs. Understanding that the man behind Pret a Manger created The Hoxton will help you to understand what to expect at the hotel.

Next is a very cool form of accommodation, it is definitely one of the best and most unique available.

2. The Yotels – Gatwick Airport and Heathrow Airport

Tafseel Link: http://spileorat.com/parineeti/

The second of the London hotels are actually called Yotels and are rather futuristic. They basically are cabins based on first class accommodation on an aeroplane and are based in airports to give tired business people or those on an overnight stay somewhere to stay for an early morning flight or to save them heading into the city centre. They can also be booked in four hours sessions so can be used for power napping.

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