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Holiday Inn Express, Dubai Airport – A Pleasurable Expedition

I departed from London Heathrow Airport on the 21st of January to attend a business expedition coordinated by my company. Each year triennial meetings are organized by our company to discuss matters, presentations and celebrate successes and overcome failures.

This year, it took place in the Holiday Inn Express for 2 days. I arrived at the Dubai International Airport in the evening and was completely jet-lagged because of the 7 hour air trip. Fortunately, I didn’t have to wait to catch a taxi since a shuttle service was arranged by the hotel which was waiting for all the tourists and other passengers. I found it extremely beneficial and advantageous since many people wouldn’t want to spend extra money on the expensive taxis. I had a very comfortable ride to the hotel which is exactly 2 km away from the airport.

video link: https://wp.me/p8HeNY-4Tq

Check-in was pretty quick. Internet was available throughout the hotel. As soon as all my colleagues had arrived at the hotel we departed to our individual rooms for a quick shower and then assembled in the restaurant for a delightful buffet breakfast. I loved the buffet which was ample in quantity and quality. The entire staff was really genial, affable and courteous. The 24- hour business center was equipped with a projector for presentations which proved to be quite a good working area. We also made plans to go to the World Trade Center situated just 2 miles away from the hotel. We spent our evening in DWTC and got in time for the a la carte dinner which too was scrumptious.

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